We want you to have an amazing holiday and we are quite sure you have everything in hand. But it does no harm to double check. Better to be safe than sorry. 

Travel Insurance

You must have adequate personal travel insurance cover. This is absolutely essential and should never be taken lightly

Your Belongings

We know it is obvious, but we still just want to remind you to be very careful with your belongings. There are pickpockets just about everywhere, all looking out for the unsuspecting tourist – You! Avoid putting important items in your rear pockets and avoid keeping important things in one bag/area. Rent a safe if one isn't provided. If at all possible, leave valuable property at home especially those with sentimental value.

Have a great holiday, but always be on your guard.

Your Booking

Your supplier's invoice voucher confirms your booking and you should carefully check the details shown. Please contact us immediately if any are incorrect, as once you arrive we may not be able to make changes.


Please ensure you are familiar with our payment terms. If you fail to pay in full by the balance due date, your booking could be cancelled. This would lead to the loss of your deposit and you may be liable for possible cancellation charges. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding payment.

Cancellation and Amendment Charges

All cancellations and amendments must be confirmed in writing, either by email or post (please use a form of recorded delivery, as we cannot be responsible for non delivery of your letter). If we have not confirmed your request, we have not received it.

Hoteles acts as an agent on behalf of the supplier companies and individuals who provide the accommodation we offer on our site. Cancellation/amendment charges displayed within our booking conditions will apply at all times even if there is any offer campaign in place.

Travel Advice

We advise you look at the Travel Advice section of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website This gives passport and visa requirements, also travel and health advice for the country you are visiting.

We don't accept any responsibility if you cannot travel because you have not complied with any passport, visa or immigration requirements and regulations. We also as stated previously, strongly advise that you take out suitable travel insurance to cover you and your party. 

Links From This Website

Some services provided on this website are displayed through direct links with other travel related company sites. These companies will invoice any bookings made via these links and you will be subject to their terms and conditions.

Data Protection

The only data we will collect from you is that required to administer your booking. Your data is not passed on to any external companies for marketing purposes. Should you want to have access to your data this can be requested at any time by email or letter